"It's not the machines; it's your human capital - your people - who are the most critical resources for success."
-La Verne Abe Harris, Ph.D., CSIT

IDea Laboratory Mission Statement:

The IDeaLaboratory mission is to apply new models of creative thinking that seek to produce interactive media and animation products and procedures to improve the lives of people in our society.

The IDeaLaboratory (IDL) was conceptualized and implemented at Arizona State University by Dr. La Verne Abe Harris and was moved to Purdue University in 2007, when she partnered with Professor Nicoletta Adamo-Villani. The IDeaLaboratory is a creative thinking, interactive media, and animation research and development laboratory. It is based on the Purdue University College of Technology signature area of sTem (science, Technology, engineering, and mathematics). It is interdisciplinary and content-independent. The computer graphics technology laboratory is located in Knoy Hall (376) at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Key Achievements:

The IDeaLaboratory has produced projects such as: the development of an animated math game to teach math to deaf children, spatial visualization materials to remove barriers to success for females and under-represented minorities, and an immersive 3D environment to learn about nanotechnology. Projects in progress include: Samantha’s Song, a serious game of understanding children born with spina bifida; Health Play, a game for factory workers to learn about healthy choices; a veterinary medicine promo; and The HIV Game.

The IDeaLaboratory has mature, emerging, and prospective partnerships with federal agencies, foundations, industry corporations, national and international universities, and research centers. The IDeaLaboratory works in collaboration with several schools and departments at Purdue University. It is funded by over a million dollars. It follows the model of Pasteur's Quadrant -- applied research.

La Verne Abe Harris, Ph.D., CSIT
Associate Professor
Nicoletta Adamo-Villani
Associate Professor
Computer Graphics Technology
College of Technology
Purdue University

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